This is me. Philipp Mochine. Engineer, web developer, designer, athlete and cook. A person who tends to get excited about various topics.
About Me

Who Am I

Philipp is a Berlin-based engineer and web developer with over 4 years of experience. He has worked for various companies, whether sole proprietors or large corporations. He has a unique talent to combine his acquired skills and knowledge in different areas and is therefore able to find a solution to various problems.

Thus, Philipp can easily work on a number of projects, for example from designing and developing websites to shooting photos or videos of products and brands. Regardless of whether he is behind the camera, develops wireframes or writes code, Philipp always brings creativity and holistic quality that can be hard to beat.

In Philipp’s teenager years, he learned how to code and to build complex systems. He studied Industrial Engineering and founded a start-up after completing his master's. His start-up "Avido Food" offers the possibility to order vegan food from neighbours online.

Outside of work, Philipp finds inspiration through podcasts, books, his love for sports like snowboarding and from meeting people he loves. His curiosity and hunger for life drive him to be an "experience hunter". Every day he tries to expand his repertoire of knowledge, making him a perfect all-rounder for every problem he is confronted with.

Digital Capabilities
  • Websites
  • iOS Apps
  • Strategy
  • Research
  • E-commerce Design
  • Wordpress
  • CAD
Brand Capabilities
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Post-Production
  • Campaigns
  • Corporate Identity
  • Freelance Full-Stack Developer
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Coding Internship at BMW
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My services

What can I do

Web Development

I design Websites from front to back. Handcrafted or CMS.


It is my passion to take beautiful and artistic pictures.


Vegan food that makes your mouth watery (coming soon).


I teach you the basics of fitness and how to diet.


I film the best sides of products & services.


I help you to fix your problems.
My portfolio

My recent works

Full Stack Development: Foodies Academy
Wordpress-Implementation (Backend + Frontend + Support): Watson Nutrition
Music-cover for Vegan EP II - VVANDEL
Music-cover for Flowstate - Vegains
Youtube-thumbnail for the documentation: Is lab-grown meat the solution for feeding the world?
Music-cover for Wie weit - VVANDEL
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An der Urania 5
10787 Berlin, DE